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Fast & Furious
Ianto Ward sums up the 2021 vintage

Winter rainfall was 19% above average (621mm vs. 522mm), which provided good reserves for the coming season. A further 80mm fell in November 2020...Read More

Ianto Ward - Chief Viticulturist
Higher Plane 2020 Vintage Report

Whilst the 2020 vintage is sure to show its magnificence throughout the full range of wines in the coming months and years, for the production...Read More

Blazing a Trail in WA
Lasers in the Vineyard

This grape growing season we are trialling the use of a laser unit at the Higher Plane vineyard to keep birds away and reduce our reliance on netting to prevent grape losses....Read More

Higher Plane Viticulturist Ianto Ward...
Vintage 2019 Report

In the words of our viticulturist Ianto Ward - Vintage 2019 has been akin to a WWE match from start to end.  There have been a tag team...Read More

An insight from Higher Plane Viticulturist...
Higher Plane Vintage Report 2018

“Vintage 2018 stretched out over 46 days. The first chardonnay bunches were hand-picked at sunrise on 24th February and the last Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot...Read More

2017 Vintage Round Up
Mark Messenger assesses the 2017 Harvest

Mark and the team have just finished vintage - I asked him what he thought of this year's harvest. "I’m very happy with the quality of...Read More